Exclusive Designs

Didi’s designs transform imagination into reality. With a team of expert designers, Didi’s provides a variety of captivating designs ranging from modern to classic, and including Indian bridal, antique, and funky specialties. What’s more, with almost 25 years' history, Didi’s boast of a large library of fabulous past pieces from which to gain inspiration.

Extraordinary Gems

Every single gem placed in front of our clients has gone through an intense selection process. Didi’s team leaves no stone unturned in making sure that gems are of unmatched quality at every price point and that they perfectly fit the setting of each piece of customized jewellery.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Extreme attention to detail is needed to take a jewellery design from the initial drawing to the treasured finished product. From designing the piece, to handcrafting the jewel, every step is managed to ensure quality. Didi's experienced team advises clients on ideal jewellery settings and recommends combinations of gem and diamond shapes and sizes to magnify the sparkle and maximize the awe factor.

Excellent Aftercare Services

Jewellery can be expensive and it is important to care for it well so that it stays clean and glitters like new. Didi’s provides a free bi-yearly cleaning service for all jewellery as well as long-term care instructions that preserve every piece's quality for generations to come.

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